Saturday, August 27, 2016

Please Pray This Week

Today I ask for your help. As most of you know Jen and I experienced a clear call from God to serve him internationally.  So after a long season of prayer, we were called, by the Christian and Missionary Alliance, to serve our Lord in Mali.  This meant leaving our home in Wellsboro , PA and prepare for our new life as international workers. 

Over the past spring and summer we have been busily preparing for our first flight on the journey, to language school in France.  Here is where I am asking for your help.  We need prayer.  Classes at the French school start on Tuesday and we do not have our visas yet (we have been waiting for over 11 weeks).  If we do not get our visas by the end of this week, there is a good chance that we cannot attend the French school this term, drastically affecting our preparations. 

I will not waste your time complaining about this fact.  What I want to do is ask you to join us in the most productive task we as Christians can do.  Let us join together in prayer.  Let us ask our Heavenly Father for a miracle and that our visas will arrive this week. 

I am reading through Luke in my devotions right now. One of the clear themes throughout the book is that Jesus is a Man of profound authority.  Over and over and over again he demonstrates his authority with ease.  And it seems that the only ones who correctly understand the depth of his authority are the demons. 

One thing is certain: we serve a God of profound authority who is concerned personally about his creation.  Today I am asking you to go to the highest authority and ask for the French bureaucracy to release our visas so that we can continue down the path of Glorifying God by making much of his name across the world. 

Please also pray for the Lawerence family as well; they are in the exact same situation with the exact same embassy.  Please pray that we get to study the French language for the Glory of Jesus.  Thank you for partnering with us as we join this mission together. 

Please share this post so we can have everyone praying.  

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