Saturday, September 17, 2016

Next Update France!

Drum roll please!  We would like to announce that our next update will be, wait for it, in France.  Yes, we went down to the embassy yesterday.  Our purpose was to pull out our passports and give-up on this application, and reapply for our visas elsewhere.  We arrived at the time allotted for picking up passports, and the men working the gate said, “The visa section is closed today.”

ARRRGGGG! My internal dialogue said, “Why didn’t you put that on the website.  This is the advertised time to pick up passports.”  I just wanted to cut my losses and get my passport.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Don't Waste the Wait

I want to thank everyone for praying this past week.  Sadly, we still do not have our visas.  We are not in France (yet).  Still, God is good. For us this has become a season of waiting.  What we thought was a commission, to the front line of God’s will for us, is a season of sitting on bags in the assembly area (1 Samuel 30:21-25). 

To confess, I hate to wait.  Take for instance a 2-day shipment from amazon.  It takes too long.  During those two days I will check package tracking like 100 times just to see where my package is.